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We are so excited about our current phalaenopsis and Phragmipediums offerings. Our labor of love has rewarded us with one of the best crops of beautiful orchids....so much color! It is just as exciting to day dream of the many new crosses we will make from our plants. As for the here and now, it is the perfect time for you to fall in love with one or more of our orchids. Browse our catalogs....they are all very nice.


Please email usto request the current list of phragmipediums offerings.

Dowload our current price list of Phalaenopsis Species and Primary Hybrid
and Phalaenopsis Stem Price List.  You will need PDF viewer to read both files.


Species and Primary Hybrid

Phal Purple Martin x Phal. violacea ‘Grace Blue’                                           N0856

            The search for true blue goes on although it has been very

            difficult. Maybe this will be the cross that is the


$25 each


Phal. amabilis ‘Hackneau’ x Phal. violacea ‘Sailfish Blue’                             N0823

            Phal. amabilis is a 2N as is the violacea so we should

            produce 2N progeny which has been a problem. Our

            first crosses were made with Phal. amabilis 4N. Let’s

            wish for better with these seedlings.

$25 each


Phal. amboinensis (‘Chin Yo’ x Waldhime’ AM/AOS)

            None of these has bloomed so they are still a surprise.

Let’s hope for a beautiful surprise.

$25 each


Phal. amboinensis var. flavum

            This is another surprise for us since all we know is the

            flask was beautiful when we bought it. We are hoping

for a true flavum that will produce a blue Phal. Princess Kaiulani.

$50 each


Phal. bellina (‘Deep South’ x ‘Fifi’)                                                               N0551

Phal. bellina (‘Fifi’ x ‘Joseph Wu’)                                                                 N0809

Phal. bellina (‘Ponkan’ AM/AOS x ‘Fifi’)                                                      N0442

            Phal. bellina is a true classic species and you can see

            that ‘Fifi’ is our best clone. ‘Deep South’ has more red

            coloring than any other Phal. bellina that we have. Our line of

            breeding was produced by Dr. Henry Wallbrunn’s ‘Marilee’

            ‘Bravo’ and ‘Ponkan’ . ‘WOW’, which won the Herb Hagar

            award, came from this line as well.

$25 each


 Phal. Be Tris (Be Glad x equestris)

           Adorable small flowers, quite floriferous, is usually in bloom and loves

           making keikis. Progeny of Phal. Cassandra, an all time favorite.



Phal. Charm (maculate flava x cornu-cervi ‘Joy’s green’)

          We are holding our breath to see this bloom.  Should be darling.




Phal. cochlearis

            Word has it that cochlearis is extinct, but not at Orchidview, they love to

            bloom and have charming lovely flava flowers with brown markings in

            Cupped form lip, quite unusual



Phal. (corningiana x cornu-cervi)

            This is another cliff-hanger.  We are expecting great things from this cross.



Phal. cornu-cervi var. Chattalaede

            Although there are many shades and colors of cornu-cervi ‘Chattalaede

            the best we have seen. The flower is a smooth red with a totally

            white lip which makes a very stunning flower.

$35 each


Phal. Dragon’s Fire (venosa x corningiana ‘Fernbrook’ AM/AOS)

            You can expect green with red overlay to dark red mahogany and

            good form.


Phal. equestris ‘Orchidview’s peloric

            Quite unique pink flower with multiple lips.  This came about from a

            selfing of equestris Riverbend AM/AOS.



Phal. equestris ‘Riverbend’ AM/AOS

            This is a 4N that is in bloom most of the year.  Has many keikis and

            is a must for every collector.


Phal. equestris ‘Pink Panther’ HCC/AOS

            Pure eggshell porcelain pink flowers on a petite plant that gives a bonus

            of keikis as well.



Phal. equestris ‘Pimlico’

            Produces many white mini flowers and the keikis are usually also in

            bloom.  Extremely flat and a delight for your collection.  We paid $75 for the

            first two plants purchased from Barbara Baldan in 1985



Phal. equestris ‘Summit Blusher’ AM/AOS

            This is a selfing of ‘Riverbend’ AM/AOS

Flowers are rose-pink and also makes keikis profusely .This is a  Mark Rose

equestris from days gone by,  really lovely and a pleasure to enjoy.



Stem Propagated Phalaenopsis

Our stem propagated plants range in size from just established in 3 1/2 " pots to flowering size. Upon request, we will give you the availability and size of any listed clone. Quantities are very limited on most of our stem propagations.

Phal. Katie Morris:

‘Burning Sunrise’; ‘Lipstick’; ‘Holy City’; ‘Moultrie’; ‘Orange Glow’;’Burnished Copper’ HCC/AOS; ‘Sweetheart’; Sexy’                                                               $50 ea


Phal. H.P. Norton :

‘Pimlico’; ‘Cherry bomb’; ‘Rose Red’; ‘Bronze’; ‘Brick Red’; ‘Churchill’;

‘Orchidview’ $50

’Copper Top’ AM/AOS; ‘Kathy’ AM/AOS  $100.


Phal. Abed-nego ‘Fiery Furnace’                    $35


‘Phal. Golden Emperor ‘Sweet’ FCC/AOS    $50   peloric


Phal. Brother Pirate King ‘Frank’                   $50   This clone made Phal. HP Norton


Phal. Border’s Gold ‘Butterscotch’                $35


Phal. Butterfly Creek ‘Carol’ AM/AOS         $50


Phal. Red Elf                                                  $25


Phal. Gloria Faye

Sharon’ AM/AOS and ‘Meditation’             $35


Phal. Everspring Pearl                                     $35


Phal. Everspring Prince                                   $35


Phal. Everspring Fairy ‘Snow Princess’          $35


Phal. Brother Sally Taylor                               $35


Phal. Lonnie Morris ‘Nationwide’ AN/AOS  $50


Phal. Happy King ‘Pine ridge Orchids           $35


Phal. Adam d’Bom ‘Copper Clad’                 $35


Phal. Krull’s Red Hot’                                    $35

‘Jim’; ‘Sheen’; ‘Suntan’


Phal. Fashion Little Star                                 $35

      Minho Princess’ HCC/AOS


Phal. Golden Pride ‘Riverside’                       $35


Phal. Malibu Rascal                                                                $35


Phal. Phal. Winter Clouds ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS               $50


Phal. Orchidview Tabasco:                                                     $50

Charleston Red’; ‘Super Hot’; ‘Chili Pepper’; Mepkin’;

‘Red Pepper’; ‘Tyler’; ‘Fire Hole’; ‘Smile’


Phal. John Naugle ‘Krull Smith’ AM/AOS                            $50


Phal. Taisuco Melody ‘Painted Harlequin’                             $50

Phalaenopsis Community pots

Our compots are overgrown and do not look like the old ones that we used to offer. These are filled with seedlings that are not far from blooming size and need to be set out in their own pot, therefore they will be sent bare root. All of these are hybrids and the list does not include any species. All are $25 per pot and the number just after the cross number is the current inventory. Hope you see something that you think you can’t live without.

N0638 (2) Phal. (Ching Ruey ‘Sika Deer’ x H.P. Norton)

S0760 (18) Phal. (Lawrence of Arabia x Brother Victor)

N0793 (1) Phal. Sogo Well x Taipei Gold

N0805 (18) Phal. Taipei Gold x (Jean Belue x Golden Bells)
N0805 (1 cp – 6 plants)
N0805 (5 huge plants)

N0814 6 plants Phal. Kenneth Schubert ‘Fangtastic’ x Firecracker ‘Blue Martin’

N0815 1 Phal.(Sin-Yaun Golden Beauty x Taida Salu)
N0815 2 Mini

N0840 5 Phal. HP Norton

N0849 5 Phal. (House of Gold x Katie Morris) ‘Orange Blush’ x H.P. Norton ‘Bronze’

N0853 1 Phal. Rachel Thomas x Orchidview Tabasco

S0761 4 Phal. Brother Oxford Canyon x City Girl ‘Madonna’

Phalaenopsis Seedlings -

This is our first time to offer individual seedlings of our hybrids. In the past we only offered to send a dozen seedlings for $100 and the choice of the crosses was ours. Our reason was that we had a very wide variety of seedlings and could not take the time to find twelve good plants in the hybrids that you specified. We always chose plants that were better than we had described and felt that we gave you a bargain for your $100.

Phragmipediums Seedlings - These fast growing and flowering phrags are HP's favorite. Please email us to request the current list


Phalaenopsis violacea

We have received many request for our now famous blue phalaenopsis. Read about how it all began and see our current offerings.